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Flyers Say Goodbye To Dan Carcillo

The Flyers extended their restricted free agent qualifying offers today to Jakub Voracek, Wayne Simmonds and Jonathon Kalinski. The one notable name that did not receive an offer was Dan Carcillo, meaning his time here is all but assured to be up.

While Carcillo does remain pretty popular with Flyers fans, the fact is that his presence on the ice often did more harm than good. Plus, the Flyers acquired a guy in Wayne Simmonds that is able to play Carcillo’s “role” much better.

The reaction that best summed up my feelings on Carcillo came from @FlyersAvery on twitter.

I’m so upset that I will no longer be able to watch Carcillo take undisciplined penalties, play uninspired, and lose every fight

Ironically, Carcillo’s Flyers career ended with him suspended. You might remember he earned that two game suspension for some type of off ice altercation with a linesman in the Bruins’ series. So he will be serving that with another team.