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Steven Stamkos To Flyers Rumors: Yet Another Perspective

It’s been interesting to see how split the local beat writers have been over this Steven Stamkos story. As we pointed out earlier, Frank Servalli and Sam Carchidi basically filed reports that directly conflicted each other with one insisting that the team will make a run at Stamkos and the other insisting that they won’t/can’t.

Today, Anthony SanFilipo of the Delco Times weighed in and seems to land somewhere in the middle. He believes the Flyers are interested and will make a run, but he doesn’t seem to think that they believe they can actually get him. Here’s his prediction.

My prediction is the Flyers will make an offer, because that is their aggressive style, as will other teams. However, I believe Tampa matches and clears out some other salary – like Ryan Malone – to keep Stamkos. The Flyers will then turn their attention elsewhere and find a handful of solid, character-oriented guys – with skill mind you – to fill out the roster.