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Is Ilya Bryzgalov Really The Flyers Savior?

Can Bryzgalov finally get the Flyers a Stanley Cup?

Finally the Flyers have their star goalie, their solid number one, the piece they have been looking for for so long to finally get them that Cup. Not so fast.

It was reported that Bryzgalov wanted to be paid top 10 goalie money, and he got it with this deal. Is he really a top 10 goalie though? In 2010-11 Bryzgalov was 6th in wins, 4th in goals against, 14th in GAA and tied for 10th in save percentage. Not bad right? He did get swept out of the playoffs though, giving up 4.36 goals against with an.879 save percentage, good for third and fifth to last respectively out of all goaltenders for the 2010-11 playoffs.In 2009-10 Brzygalov had a .906 save percentage and a 3.43 GAA in the playoffs, not great by any means.

And what do the Flyers really need? A solid playoff goalie. They don't seem to have trouble making it to the playoffs, they have been there 14 out of the last 16 years, only the Red Wings have been there more times, and they have won 4 Stanley Cups and been to the Stanley Cup Finals 6 times. Why? Well a big piece of it was certainly a solid overall, including playoffs, goalie.

In 2006-07 and 2007-08 he had a much better playoff runs, with a .933 save percentage and a 1.85 GAA in 16 starts. However that was 5 years ago. Bryzgalov has had 2 very good years in the net during the regular season, in both 2009-10 and 2010-11. I don't know though if two years is enough to make you a top goalie. Bryzgalov is unproven in the playoffs, where the Flyers will most desperately need him.

I'm not saying Bryzgalov isn't a good goal tender. I'm saying I don't think he is the savior the Flyers needed. Especially since he is unproven in the playoffs, already 30, and considering the Flyers gave him a 9 year deal and made him one of the highest paid goalies in the league. I'm not sure it was worth it, but at least the Flyers are trying.