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NHL Free Agency: Former Flyer Sean O'Donnell Signs With Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks have signed defenseman Sean O’Donnell to a one year deal worth $850K. It’s a pretty minor move, but PIerre McGuire reaction would have made you think the Hawks just signed the love child of Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.

This is exactly what he said upon hearing about Chicago bringing in O’Donnell.

“Wow, Chicago is hitting home runs today. This is a huge, gigantic pickup.”

Oversold a bit don’t ya think PIerre? A one year deal for guy who is a bottom pair defenseman that will probably be a healthy scratch on a lot of nights? Oh and the other “home run” the Balckhawks hit today was a 1 year $500K deal for Jamal Mayers, a fourth line center.

So watch out for the Hawks everyone! Sean O’Donnell is town! This is gigantic!

In other former Flyers news, Scottie Upshall has signed a 4 year $14 million deal with the Florida Panthers.