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NHL Free Agency: Flyers Snatch C Max Talbot From Penguins

The Flyers angered Penguins fans by signing one of their all time favorite players in Jaromir Jagr. But at 39 years old, and being out of the NHL for a few years, it was a more of a nostalgic anger for the Penguins.

However, this latest signing will anger Pens from from an on the ice perspective. The Flyers have agreed to a 5-year, $9 million deal with free agent C Maxime Talbot, who scored the game winning goal that won the Pens the Stanley Cup.

After the Flyers traded away Richards and Carter, the Flyers were expected to be out in the market for a third line center to take on those tough minutes lost. Talbot would certainly seem to fit that bill. He’s a good penalty killer with a strong work ethic that can be a plus defensive presence.

It’s a long deal at 5 years, but the money really isn’t crazy. He’s not a big point producer, but should be a valuable role player for the Flyers going forward.