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NHL Free Agency: Max Talbot Talks About Leaving Penguins For Flyers

Newest Flyer Maxime Talbot was a guest on TSN this afternoon to talk about his leaving the Pittsburgh Penguin and signing with the rival Philadelphia Flyers. He was asked whether this was a form of treason?

“Yeah I guess it is. But I think it was the right thing for me to do. It was the best team in my feeling that I could go with. I had players from there calling me telling me how great it was to go there and that they were ready to win.”

And how awkward will be lining up against his former team for the first time?

“Yeah well with Jagr as well, it’s going to be tough. It was tough to leave in the first place because my heart has been with the Pens since they drafted me and I never thought I would play for another team in my life. But this is a new challenge for me in Philly.”

Finally, he was asked whether he had spoken with some of his Penguins teammates over the past couple weeks about his likely departure?

“Yeah, you try to get the most information as you can and make the best decision for your career and yourself. I had a lot of talks with [Sidney Crosby] and [Marc-Andre Fleury] recently and it’s never an easy thing to do, but I never thought I would ever play with another team in my life.”