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NHL Rumors: Dreger Reports Flyers "In The Mix" For Brad Richards

If you’ve been following the NHL Free Agency Frenzy on TSN/NHL Network, you will have seen a stream of teams at Newport Sport Management in Toronto going into the office of Brad Richards’ agent to make presentations to him in an attempt to recruit him to their team. The Kings, Maple Leafs, Sabres and Rangers have all been going hard after him.

One of the teams you would not have seen was the Flyers. However, TSN’s Darren Dreger is now reporting that the Flyers are “in the mix” for Richards.

“This may take a lot of digestion for Brad Richards and company because Philadelphia, I’m told, is in the mix. Believe it or not. They’ve found a way back into the mix. And the Calgary Flames are preparing to make a large pitch to Richards.”

Given the Flyers cap situation, it does seem like a longshot. Plus, there’s always that chance that this is simply a negotiating tactic from his agent to scare up a few more dollars from the teams he’s currently talking to.