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Jaromir Jagr's Numbers Over the Years

Jagr's Numbers Over the Years

Jaromir Jagr will be in the Hall of Fame one day, but not just yet. Not long after Jagr began entertaining suitors, he signed with the Flyers. Jagr has 646 goals and 953 assists, meaning he could possibly become the 13th player in NHL history to get to 1,000 assists and just maybe the 7th player ever to reach 700 goals. Right now Jagr sits in 9th place over all in points with 1,599. In short, Jagr is one of the best players to ever play the game. And signing one of the best players ever is really a no-brainer, whether he does well or not.

Jagr was drafted fifth overall in 1988. He has played in the NHL for 18 seasons. He has been with the Avengard Omsk of the KHL for the last three years where he averaged 48 points per game over while playing an average of 52 games a year. Jagr won a Stanley Cup in 1991 and 1992 with the Penguins and Mario Lemieux, and was MVP in 1999.

Jagr has scored over 100 points 5 times, with a high of 149 in 1995-96. He has scored over 90 points 10 times. He has scored over 40 goals in 6 season with a high of 62 in 1995-1996. Jagr can also pass having 60 assists or more in 8 different seasons. He finished in the top 10 in points in 11 seasons and 1st in points in 5, top 10 in assists in 10 seasons and 1st in assists in 3, and top 10 in goals 8 times, finishing 2nd 4 times.

Jagr has played in 169 playoff games, with 77 goals and 104 assists for 181 points, averaging 1.07 points per game, good for 21st all time. Jagr is a bruiser, at 6'3" and 224 he is a big man who plays aggressive and physical. He should be able to park himself in front of the net and create a lot of havoc. and with only signing for a year, the Flyers really cant go wrong. They maybe paid a little more then he was worth but they didn't vastly over pay or sign him to multiple years, and if he plays well they can sign him again after the season, if he doesnt they lose $3.3 million. The only thing that can be hurt here is Jagr's reputation.

By the way, does this remind you of any other recent Flyers signing of a potential HOF veteran out of the league? In 2005-06 the Flyers signed Peter Forsberg after a year off from the NHL. Forsberg was of course away from the game for only a year as compared to Jagr's three, and he was only 32 were Jagr is 39, but Jagr has stayed in great shape and continued to play at a high level over the last three years. when Forsberg came back in 2005-06 he had 19 goals and 56 assists and he was a plus 21, and in 2006-7 he had 40 points and was plus 2 after playing in only 40 games due to a foot and ankle injury. And with the Red Wings signing of Nicklas Lidstrom at age 41, there is still a place in the league for the near and over 40 club.

I'm not going to lie, as a hockey fan it would have been great to see Jagr play with Sidney Crosby, but Pittsburgh just didn't think he is was worth it. The Flyers basically took a no risk chance here. I think Jagr will be a solid 50 point player, what do you think?