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Report: Flyers Could Trade For Steven Stamkos

And just when we thought any chance of Steven Stamkos coming to the Flyers was relinquished, this happens. Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that an NHL source said the Flyers will send the Tampa Bay Lightning a trade package in the event they can't re-sign Stamkos:

Well, it's still highly doubtful, but an NHL source told The Inquirer that the Flyers will put a trade offer together for the Tampa Bay superstar if the Lightning feel they cannot sign him.

Who would be in that package?

It's likely Tampa would be interested in Brayden Schenn and Sergei Bobrovsky -- among others -- and high draft picks.

I'm a big Sergei Bobrovsky fan and I do not think, in any way, the jury is out on him yet. When he played with his head in the game, he played great. He truly looked like a star goaltender. And that was just his rookie season. Imagine what he could do with some grooming.

But, that's the business of the NHL and we're all just spectators.