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Video: Claude Giroux Fights Dylan Reese

The Flyers' skill guys seem to have been in a bad mood lately. It was only less than two weeks ago that we saw Danny Briere drop the gloves and fight in a game in which he also scored a hat trick. Tonight, against the Islanders, Claude Giroux had enough of New York's Dylan Reese and dropped the gloves himself.

It was a scrap that was mostly typical of non-fighters. Both guys left their helmets and mostly just wrestled, but Giroux does get in a big shot near the end that knocks off Reese's helmet and opens up a cut above his nose. So maybe a mild win for Claude here? Oh and try and do your best to ignore the fact that these Islanders announcers barely acknowledge that a fight is happening and just go on and on about the play that preceded it. It's not like one of the league's top scorers who never fights has just dropped the gloves or anything... Because, you know, that wouldn't be something worth noting. /sarcasm