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2012 Winter Classic Highlights, Flyers Vs. Rangers (Video): Danny Briere Penalty Shot And More

Despite the outcome for Philadelphia Flyers fans -- a 3-2 loss to Atlantic Division rival the New York Rangers -- the 2012 Winter Classic was an event that hockey fans will have a hard time forgetting. The contest featured a lot of good hitting, a three-goal string, including a pair coming within 30 seconds of each other; a controversial, third-period whistle that prevented a would-be game-tying goal; and a penalty shot with 19.6 seconds remaining that could have potentially led to an overtime.

To top it all off, it even started snowing at one point!

If you missed all the action, well here's a full highlights provided by NHLHockey95 via YouTube:

NHL: 2012 Winter Classic Highlights - Flyers vs Rangers 1/2/12 (via NHLHockey95)

See SBNation Philly's StoryStream for complete Winter Classic coverage. You can visit BroadStreetHockey for the Flyers perspective. For the Rangers, check out Blueshirt Banter for the Rangers perspective.