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Claude Giroux, Danny Briere introduced by Eisbären Berlin

Claude Giroux and Danny Briere made their debut in Berlin on Tuesday.

Eisbären Berlin

Claude Giroux and Danny Briere sported their new colors for the first time on Tuesday when they were introduced as members of Eisbären Berlin.

Giroux said he and Briere both researched Berlin and decided to go over together.

Giroux: "Yeah, when the lockout came out, I was kind of looking where I could go play. I just wanted to play hockey. I looked at most options that I could. When my agent talked to me about playing with the Bears in Berlin, I did some research and I talked to Danny, he made some research too. Just looked at the fans, how intense they are, how they like the game. We know a couple guys from the team too, so it was an easy decision to come here. We only heard good things about Berlin, so we decided to come together. It's going to be a good experience and we're looking forward to go back on the ice. I think Friday's going to be a pretty exciting game and we're looking forward to it."

Giroux, 24, was the Flyers' leading point-getter last year. He racked up 93 points (26 more points than Scott Hartnell, who had the second-most points) on the strength of 28 goals and 65 assists. It was Giroux's fourth full season in the NHL.

Briere, 34, finished with 49 points last season, with 16 goals and 33 assists. Briere has been with Philadelphia since 2007.