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Kimmo Timonen On Flyers: 'I'm Disappointed At The Effort'

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen shot straight after the game against the New York Rangers on Saturday, a 5-2 loss for Philadelphia.

"I'm disappointed at the effort," Timonen said, "the emotional level [against] a top team in the conference and the league. To be honest, I think we had half the guys going and half the guys not." (via

Timonen also alluded that some guys in the locker room might be still reeling from the loss of captain Chris Pronger.

"Obviously," Timonen said, "he would help. But he's not here. We all should get by that by now. He's not coming back."

The frustration about inconsistency in goaltending play also came out. Timonen lauded Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist twice.

Lundqvist is "really good every night," Timonen said, adding: "And if there's a breakdown, their goalie makes a save."

Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette did not share Timonen's view but didn't go into an assessment of the effort in the game either.

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