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Flyers Vs. Sabres: Two Periods Of 'Overwhelming Hockey' Power Philadelphia Win

How did the Philadelphia Flyers turn a 2-0 deficit into a resounding 7-2 win? They played two periods of "overwhelming hockey," said CSN Philly analyst Al Morganti.

"The Flyers showed up about 20 minutes late for the game against the Sabres at the Wells Fargo Center, but all they needed was two periods of overwhelming hockey to absolutely crush the Sabres 7-2, (and) in the meantime chase a goaltender out of the building, get their power play in order. Mind you, they did it without Jaromir Jagr, out with the flu (and) Danny Briere leaves the game with an injury," said Morganti.

"A lot of things are clicking for the Flyers," he added. "They'll need it, as they have to overcome some injury and some illness with the Pittsburgh Penguins coming in for a Saturday afternoon game in Philadelphia."

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