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Flyers Trade Rumors: Rick Nash Won't Be Moved By Columbus?

TSN's Darren Dreger was asked about the possibility of Blue Jackets All Star LW Rick Nash being dealt in his latest mailbag and seemed that he wasn't convinced a deal would get done at all.

Some teams who believe they are in the mix are growing frustrated because they're not getting a clear indication from the Blue Jackets as to what it will take to move the process along.

For those who feel that way, perhaps they're not as close to being in contention for Nash as they might wish. This is such a mammoth trade - in terms of impact on the Blue Jackets and the city of Columbus - and the complexity of establishing Nash's trade value even to the fortunate few believed to be involved, that time is a huge issue. Ten days may not be enough to swing a deal that will impact this team for years to come.

The Flyers have been rumored to be one of the teams pursuing Nash. For more on those rumors and for updates to this story, be sure to check out our Flyers trade deadline storystream.