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Chris Pronger Visits Flyers Practice Facility

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman and captain Chris Pronger is still out of the lineup battling concussion-like symptoms. He hasn't played a game since Nov. 19 and hasn't spoken publicly about his situation. However, on Wednesday, he surprised his teammates with a visit at the Flyers' practice facility.

Matt Carle, Pronger's former defensive partner, said about the visit

"He wanted to know how we were doing," Carle said. "He asked how I was playing with ‘Bizz' [Marc-Andre Bourdon] and about our defensive rotations.

"He was more concerned with us than himself, it seemed like. So it was good to see him today. His spirits are up, it seems, so you just try to get better every day." (via

Pronger is still considered to be out for the season by the team. However, Pronger told teammates he went on vacation and that allowed him to have a string of "good days." Pronger's wife had talked about his "good days" and "bad days" back in January. At that time, she hoped for some "good days" in a row.

We'll take any progress we can get.

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