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Video: Jakub Voracek Gets Huge Hit From Niklas Kronwall

Flyers forward Jakub Voracek scored to give the Flyers a lead over the Detroit Red Wings in the first period of their game Tuesday night. However, that won't be the highlight featuring him that anyone remembers. It probably won't be something Voracek remembers either.

About midway through the second period, the Flyers blocked a shot and Voracek was picking up the puck to start a rush the other way. He seemed to glance over and see Niklas Kornwall, but momentarily looked back for the puck and Swedish defenseman seized on the opportunity to lay an absolutely devastating hit. Voracek went down and you could immediately see that he was in a bit of trouble. No penalty was called and Jake lay on the ice for quite a while. In fact at one point he tried to get up, but couldn't. He did not return to the game and haven't said much on his status other than that he had stitches around his mouth and would be re-evaluated tomorrow.