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VIDEO: Flyers Vs Penguins: Fight Breaks Out After Talbot Goal

As as has been the case all series long, the Penguins struck first in game 3 when Jordan Staal scored his first of the postseason. However, as has also been the case all series long, the Flyers fought back.

Claude Giroux, the postseason points leader, combined with Max Talbot for just an all out effort goal. This one was not about being pretty... Talbot just flat out outworked the Pens in front, but he also got some help from more poor goaltending on the part of Marc-Andre Fleury, who really has been shaky all series. By all accounts, he should have had this puck, but ended up looking pretty silly as he flings around and tosses his stick at it.

The second the goal went in though, the fireworks started. Literally everyone on the ice paired and started fighting. It's all out mayhem, it's playoff hockey and we love it.

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