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VIDEO: Flyers, Penguins Brawl, Giroux And Crosby Fight

Flyers vs Penguins was a hockey game at the start, but has seemingly devolved into more of an MMA battle. There have been a number of fights, vicious hits and even blatant cheap shots (from Arron Asham). Three guys have been kicked out of the game already.

And no one is safe. We even saw the rarest of sights, two superstars dropping the gloves to go at it. Claude Giroux and Sidney Crosby had been jawing and wrestling with one another for most of the game, but in the video below you'll see that their frustrations just boiled over.

It did not stop there, however. Just a few minutes later, Flyers rookie Brayden Schenn delivered a devastating check that Penguins goon Arron Asham retaliated to with a blatant cheap shot cross check to Schenn's face. Asham was given a five-minute match penalty and quickly taken out of the game. It's hard to see how he'll play again in this series. It was a cowardly attempt to injure and an embarrassment to the game.

Schenn laid flat on the ice for several minutes and had to helped off in to the locker room. However, he appeared back on the bench before the end of the period and appears to be ok.

The Flyers lead 4-2 at the end of the first period.