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The Comprehensive Penguins Dirty Play Video Compilation

The Pittsburgh Penguins put on one of the dirtiest displays you will ever see in their Game 3 matchup with the Flyers. This is seriously stuff out of a funny hockey movie about goons. Only this is a not a movie and it's not particularly funny.

In this post, we'll compile gifs and video of all the Penguins thuggery, just in case any Penguins fans ever trie to complain about another team being cheap.

The first and most egregious example is Arron Asham's cross check to the throat of Brayden Schenn. As if the hit wasn't dirty enough, he gives Schenn a sucker punch as he's laying injured on the ice. Asham was given a five-minute match penalty and tossed from the game.


In this next video, both teams were fighting, so maybe the Pens can't be singled out. But it is more thuggery. It should be noted that Kimmo Timonen had never been in a fight before he and Kris Letang dropped the gloves here. Both players were ejected from the game. Plus we see two superstars, Claude Giroux and Sidney Crosby, fight each other.

Here, Sidney Crosby childishly knocks away a glove that Giroux was about to pick up. This is how a baby acts, not a grown man who is also supposed to be the face the NHL.


James Neal was arguably the dirtiest player on the ice as evidenced by two cheap shots in the third period. The first is here where he leaves his feet (illegal) to hit Sean Couturier, who does not have the puck and is not looking.

And here's another gutless play from James Neal, who blatantly takes a run at Claude Giroux's head. Given the way Brendan Shanahan has punished these types of his this season, you have to wonder whether Neal will play again in this series.


Another brawl broke out at the end of the game and Craig Adams started punching Scott Hartnell from behind, before he could turn around and square up. Eventually, Hartnell would break away and stand toe to toe with Adams, but instead of just fighting him straight up, Adams actually started pulling hair.



Here's the full endgame incident.

Just an embarrassing display from the Penguins today, although no more embarrassing than the fact they gave up eight goals for the second straight game.