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2012 NHL Playoffs, Flyers Vs. Penguins, Game 4: Philadelphia Flummoxed In 10-3 Loss

It was perhaps a small miracle that the Pittsburgh Penguins scored only one more goal in the third period on Wednesday night. Then again, after scoring nine goals in the first two frames, how much more could they really add that would make a difference? Pittsburgh beat the Philadelphia Flyers by a final score of 10-3, keeping their series alive for at least another game.

Evgeni Malkin scored the Pens' final goal. It was his second of the night. He finished the evening with three points. Jordan Staal had a hat trick, scoring once in the first and twice in the second, on just three shots on goal.

Tensions boiled over in the third period. Four players, two from each team, earned 10-minute misconduct penalties. The league office, already under fire for its handling of playoff pugilists, will surely have its hands full again after this game.

Philadelphia leads the series 3-1, after coming up eight goals short in their attempt to close it out on Wednesday. The two teams pick it up again in Pittsburgh on Friday night.

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