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Penguins Vs. Flyers, 2012 NHL Playoffs Game 5: Flyers Lead Penguins 2-1 At First Intermission - Video of Goals

The Flyers head to the locker room after the first period leading the Penguins 2-1, but given the way this series has developed they can't be too comfortable with such a slim lead. Matt Carle struck first for the Flyers, getting one past Marc-Andre Fleury 11:45 into the game:

Steve Sullivan evened things up for the Penguins a little more than three minutes later:

Scott Hartnell would bring the Flyers back into the lead at 17:35, putting one in the net:

That's only three goals total so far, so if history is any indication we can expect the next two periods to contain a few dozen scores each. Things have calmed down a bit from the madness that was on display earlier, but that doesn't mean anyone has gone soft. Their aim could use some improvement, though:


This has been a series that's more fun than it is top-shelf hockey, and that doesn't look to change tonight. The Flyers would love to put their cross-state rivals away, and the Penguins are desperate to survive. Stay tuned to this story stream for more videos and .gifs.

Check in with this story stream throughout and after the game. Don't forget that all of your Flyers news and information can be found at Broad Street Hockey. Penguins fans can find everything they need at Pensburgh.