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Penguins Vs. Flyers, 2012 NHL Playoffs Game 5: Penguins Take Lead In 2nd Period - Video of Goals

The Philadelphia Flyers entered the second period with a one goal lead, but by the time the horn sounded things had been reversed. The Penguins scored twice in the second, taking a three to two lead into the locker room. After both teams gave up goals on power plays in the first period, the Flyers settled down a bit and killed an early penalty. The Penguins didn't need a man advantage, though, as this shot from Jordan Staal showed:

A little more than three minutes later Tyler Kennedy did his part, taking an assist from Staal and putting it in the net:

It's a bit tough to tell if he was excited about scoring, though.



The remainder of the period was quieter, although the Penguins did have to kill a late penalty on Evgeni Malkin, who got two minutes for interference. They were able to prevent the Flyers from capitalizing, leaving them two-for-four on the penalty kill so far. The Flyers know they can put the Penguins away with two goals, which in this series hasn't been that tough to come by. Expect the third period to have plenty of action.

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