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Video: Jody Shelley Gets Sweet Revenge On Mike Rupp

The Flyers lost the game tonight against the Rangers, but they did win the fights. Most notably, Jody Shelley laid an absolute beat down on Mike Rupp in a scrap that was a long time coming. You'll probably remember earlier this year when these two teams were on HBO's 24/7 that Shelley challenged Rupp during a game with the HBO cameras running. Rupp refused to drop the gloves and said the following.

RUPP: You're f*ckin' irrelevant out here. You're f*ckin' irrelevant out here. If you had any outcome on the game I'd f*ckin' go with you. You don't. You don't.

Rupp later said he regretted saying what he did and having it shown on national TV, especially since it was said to a former teammate. He probably regretted it a bit more after this. Unfortunately for the Flyers though, the result of the fight was irrelevant to the result of the game...

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