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Ian Laperriere To Retire, According To Report

Ian Laperriere will retire from the NHL after missing two straight season due to concussion injuries.

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After missing consecutive seasons due to his post-concussion situation, popular Philadelphia Flyers right wing Ian Laperriere will officially retire at the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Devils and Kings.

With Laperriere missing in action for so long now, this was all but a foregone conclusion, but it will be official pretty soon. You can read the Broad Street Hockey blogger reaction here, as well as this quick bit of analysis on the retirement.

As we all know, Lappy's retirement didn't come sooner -- at least officially -- because the Flyers would have been stuck with his salary cap hit for the remaining two years that were left on his deal following his final game during the 2010 playoffs. So on long-term injured reserve he stayed, even as he appeared on CSN throughout the 2011-12 season, and even as we all knew his playing days were over.

Laperriere, 38, was drafted in 1992 by the St. Louis Blues and joined the Flyers in 2009 when he played in 82 games. He had three goals and 17 assists for 20 points that season.

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