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2012 NHL Draft: Flyers Highlight Late Round Success Stories

The 2012 NHL Draft is in the books, and the Flyers have made their selections. To remind fans that draft position isn't the be all end all marker of a player's future, they took some time to note some successful players who were drafted in the later rounds. From the Flyers, they highlight:

  • Marc-Andre Bourdon (3rd round, 67th overall in 2008)
  • Nicklas Grossmann (2nd round, 56th overall in 2004)
  • Matt Carle (2nd round, 47th overall in 2003)
  • Andreas Lilja (2nd round, 54th overall in 2000)
  • Pavel Kubina (7th round, 179th overall in 1996)
  • Kimmo Timonen (10th round, 250th overall in 1992)

It's interesting to note that the two latest selections, Kubina and Timonen, are the only two NHL All-Stars on the list. The full article from the Flyers goes through more players across the league, as well as looking at how draft position influences some positions more than others. Undoubtedly, how well you play once you enter the big leagues matters more than your draft position, and Flyers fans hope their team stocked up on real talent in the 2012 draft class.

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