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Flyers Free Agency Rumors 2012: Philadelphia In The Running For Justin Schultz, According To Reports

Early into the NHL's offseason period, the Philadelphia Flyers have made a commitment to upgrade their defense. And that trend looks to be continuing, as the Flyers are now rumored to be interested in free agent Justin Schultz.

The Flyers, who have already acquired defenseman Luke Schenn via trade, are a viable option for Schultz thinks Tim Pacaccio of Philadelphia's Comcast SportsNet:

Here’s the rub: It’s a level playing field. Because Schultz will still be 21 on July 1, he can be offered only an entry-level deal, which in this case is $925,000 in this last year of the current CBA with a cap hit of $3.8 million – including bonuses.

Schultz, who was drafted by the Anaheim Ducks in 2008 but has yet to sign, is 6-foot-2, 185-pound defenseman who turns just 22-years-old in early July.

According to the report, Schultz's biggest want is an "ironclad guarantee" that he'll make an NHL roster this coming fall.

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