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Phillies offseason news & rumors

A round up of all the news & rumors surrounding the Phillies offseason

Phillies seek a rental to bolster rotation

Since trading Vance Worley to the Minnesota Twins, the Philadelphia Phillies have needed to find a fifth starter for their starting rotation. Matt Gelb explains what kind of options the team has.

Are the Phillies interested in Nick Swisher?

With the Philadelphia Phillies believed to be lacking a corner outfielder who can hit in the middle of the lineup, some have found it odd that the team isn't more interested in free agent Nick Swisher.

Soriano deal to Phillies now 'longshot'

The Phillies are unlikely to acquire the Cubs' slugger.

Could the Phillies still land Josh Hamilton?

The winter's top free agent is still available. So how close are the Phillies to signing him?

Michael Young could bat 2nd in Phils lineup

With some new additions already in place,'s Matt Gelb tries to sort out the Phillies' 2013 batting order.

Phillies talked Alfonso Soriano with Cubs

Looking to get back into contention next year, the Phillies have discussed trading young outfielder Domonic Brown to the Cubs for veteran Alfonso Soriano.

Manuel wants Phillies to acquire 'something big'

Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is happy with the additions the team has made this offseason, but like any one else, the 68-year-old manager welcomes the possibility of a big-time addition to augment the middle of the order.

Big move on the horizon for the Phillies? Sports: With the addition of Michael Young and Ben Revere, the Philadelphia Phillies filled two positions they looked to improve this offseason. According to Matt Gelb, it's now time to add some production.

Pitchers: Low-risk, high-reward options for Phils

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. stated that he is interested in acquiring a low-risk, high-reward starter to augment the team's starting rotation. Corey Seidman offers a list of some potential candidates.

Phils add Zach Miner on minor-league deal

Zach Miner, who pitched for four years for the Detroit Tigers before Tommy John surgery in 2010, will join the Philadelphia Phillies on a minor league contract.

Amaro: Young is a "very, very good ballplayer"

General manager Ruben Amaro is excited about the acquisition of Michael Young, a talented veteran who set franchise records for a Texas Rangers team that made World Series appearances in 2010 and 2011.

Is Josh Hamilton a good fit for the Phillies?

CSN Philly addresses the issue with a roundtable debate.

Amaro: Phillies may wait to fill their needs

Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. stated that the team may wait until 2013 to make additions to the club. Do you think that is the best course of action for the team?

Phillies have spoken with free agent OF Ichiro

The Philadelphia Phillies have had contact with 39-year-old free agent outfielder Ichiro Suzuki.

Statistically, Bourn may be better for Phillies

Free agent outfielder Michael Bourn has a higher Wins Above Replacement rating, or WAR rating, than even B.J. Upton, who the Braves just signed. Are the Phillies going to make a serious chase after him.

Rumored Phillies target BJ Upton signs with Braves

Centerfielder B.J. Upton signed with the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday. Where do the Philadelphia Phillies go from here while trying to fix their outfield?

Phillies sign catcher Humberto Quintero

The Philadelphia Phillies have reportedly come to terms on a contract with catcher Humberto Quintero.

Will the Phillies pursue Ryan Madson?

Is free agent Ryan Madson a potential target of the Phillies?

Ruf to break another homerun record?

Darin Ruf is on mark to break the home run record in Winter Ball. Will he be able to do it?

Should the Phillies pursue Delmon Young?

The Tigers' postseason hero might not be a good fit for the Phillies.

Phillies interested in B.J. Upton

The Philadelphia Phillies, in need of a upgrade at center field, met with free agent B.J. Upton earlier this week and are said to 'love him.'

Phillies interested in Cody Ross

The Philadelphia Phillies are reportedly interested in signing free agent outfielder Cody Ross.

Could the Phillies sign Scott Rolen?

Philadelphia needs a third baseman. Would Scott Rolen be a good fit?

Will the Phillies pursue Melky Cabrera?

The Philadelphia Phillies are looking for a marquee center fielder. Prior to his suspension for steroids, Melky Cabrera might have been the perfect choice.

Phillies, utility man Kevin Frandsen close to deal

The Philadelphia Phillies are reportedly close to bringing back utility man Kevin Frandsen for next season.

Phillies GM Amaro in "significant amount" of talks

Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. is talking to teams and agents during the ongoing GM meetings.

The Phillies should forget Alex Rodriguez

@StephenSilver on why A-Rod to the Phils is not a good idea

Phillies prepping for run at B.J. Upton?

The Philadelphia Phillies brought two people who worked with B.J. Upton with the Tampa Bay Rays into prominent roles with the team this offseason, perhaps with hopes it sways the free agent in his decision-making process.