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Celebrate a Little; Phillies Advance to NLCS for Third Straight Year

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An Orlando Cabrera first inning error turned out to be all they needed. Cole Hamels went nine shutout, walkless innings, ending a great night with a Joey Votto double play and a Scott Rolen strikeout, his eighth of the series. While Charlie could have gone to Madson and Lidge for the last few outs, he stayed with Cole and it paid off for him.

Chase Utley went yard, Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz had two hits apiece, and Shane Victorino made the biggest play of the game, snaring a line drive off the bat of Brandon Phillips to keep a run off the board early on. H20 does the job and though the hitters came up short too often this series, they weren’t really necessary. Phillies pitching and Reds fielding ended up being the difference.

Pop a bottle or two, but save the good stuff because we’ve got plenty of celebrating to go.

Phillies win 2-0. Sit back and watch the rest of the Giants and Braves series. I want the Braves.