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Eighth Inning: Madson, Lopez Dealing, Still 4-3

Ryan Madson handled his mo-fo business in the 8th, inducing a pop-up, a ground out, and a strikeout on a mid-90’s fastball to Nate Schierholtz. He could come out for the ninth, and probably should. I expect to see Brad Lidge though.

Javier Lopez came on, throwing left-handed from the side, and gave Utley and Howard as much trouble as he normally does. Chase grounded out down 0-2 and Howard struck out. Lopez did is job and gave way to closer Bryan Wilson to get the four-out save. Jayson Werth saw him first, cringed a little at his pubic hair beard, and ripped a single to center for his second hit of the game. Jimmy Rollins, mired in a season-long timing funk, worked the count full then struck out on ball four. He has whiffed three times tonight.

Three outs before the Phillies go down one in the series. We’ll see if it’s Lidge or Madson in the ninth.