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Lidge Gets into Trouble, Works Out of It

In a decision that can only be reasoned by folklore, Charlie Manuel sent Brad Lidge to the mound down one to face the bottom of the Giants order. He struck out Juan Uribe before allowing a base hit and obligatory stolen base to Mike Fontenot. Chody Ross (not a typo) fought himself into a full count and walked. Former starter Travis Ishikawa came on to pinch hit and got hit in the foot by a slider gone array. With the bases loaded and the infield in, Andres Torres went in the hole 0-2 before failing to check his swing on a slider in the dirt. Two outs and Freddy Sanchez up, Brad danced around him for a bit until he got him to fly out to Shane in center.

Another heart attack in the books, we’ve got a bottom of the ninth to get to. Ibanez, Ruiz, (Gload?) and hopefully Victorino. Get it.

4-3 Giants.