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Smallball FTW, Victorino Gives Phillies Lead

Home runs be damned. Shane Victorino led off the fifth inning with a double down the line, just over the glove of Mike Fontenot at third. Chase Utley calmly flied out to right field, allowing Shane to move from second to third. Man on third with less than two outs is basically automatic when Placido Polanco comes up. And he cashed in again, lining out to center field as the leading run trotted home easily from third. This is called having an “approach” at the plate. Do it all the time pleaseandthankyou.

Ryan Howard laced a single, giving him two hits and a walk on the day, but the two-out rally was quelled by a Jayson Werth fielder’s choice. Jonathan Sanchez has 87 pitches on the day. He may not have much left tonight.

2-1 Phillies.