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Roy Oswalt: Machivellian Man, Gives Phillies Insurance Run

After an intentional walk to Utley to face Polanco, Ramon Ramirez threw a high fastball to Polly that he went with and lined into center. With Roy Oswalt at second, Sam Perlozzo gave him the stop sign heading around third. But Roy really wanted that insurance run and kept chugging anyway. Armed with nothing but two legs and a windbreaker, Roy took a wide turn around third and, as Aubrey Huff fielded the ball at the mound, slid into home plate just before Buster Posey laid on a tag.

If Roy Oswalt were any cooler, he’d get frostbite.

Men on first and second for the Big Piece with one down. He’s had three really good AB’s tonight.

Phillies 3-1.