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The Texas Rangers Await Phillies/Giants Winner in World Series

One team in, one to go.

With a 6-1 victory over the New York Yankees, the Texas Rangers have advanced to the first world series in their 49 year history. Neftali Feliz fittingly shut the book on a Yankees repeat by striking out Alex Rodriguez. Colby Lewis threw 8 innings of dominant baseball, Nelson Cruz homered, and Josh Hamilton hit safely in his four at-bats. Phil Hughes took the loss and hopefully will go on to have an underachieving career until he ends up handling long relief for the Nationals.

Josh Hamilton and the rest of his Rangers celebrate on the mound with ginger ale for former addict Josh Hamilton. This means that if the Phillies were to win games six and seven, Roy Halladay would pitch game one against Cliff Lee.

“Don’t look ahead.” “One game at a time.” “Every pitch counts.” And all that…but……think about that for a second.

Ruben Amaro and the national media would explode. So let’s go out and win Saturday and Sunday.