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NLCS Game Six: Giants Tie it Up

In keeping with the fluky plays of this series, the Giants came back to tie it up in the third on three of them. Jonathan Sanchez, who looked stupid in the first few pitches, lined a clean base hit off Roy Oswalt to lead off the inning. Then Andres Torres hit a long fly ball that Shane Victorino tracked down in center and tried to make an over-the-shoulder catch on. He juggled it before it bounced off the wall and Torres was safe at first because Sanchez couldn’t judge it.

After a Freddy Sanchez bunt moved runners to second and third, Aubrey Huff hit a dribbler up the middle that scored one. Torres tried to get home from second, but a beautiful throw from Shane that bounced once directly into Carlos Ruiz’s chest nabbed him at the plate. Then Buster Posey chopped one to short third. Polanco barehanded it and threw over to Ryan Howard at first, but it hit off Posey and bounced away, allowing Huff to score and tie the game.

Weird things are afoot. Let’s get the lead back immediately.

2-2, Flukes lead.