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NLCS Game Six: Benches Clear, Sanchez Pulled

Immediately after his Giants got the lead back, Jonathan Sanchez walked Placido Polanco on five pitches. He’s seen nine pitches thus far, eight of which have been balls. With Jeremy Affeldt (“Afflack” according to Tim McCarver) and Ramon Ramirez warming in the pen, Sanchez plunked Chase Utley in the back. When Utley flipped the ball back to Sanchez after it bounced back to him, they had a nice staring match that led to both benches clearing. The umpires did a good job keeping fistacuffs at bay and no harm was done. Bruce Bochy took Sanchez out because of wildness and….um…..wildness.

Ryan Howard will face Jeremy Affeldt with two on and nobody out.

2-2. The Bench-Clearers winning.