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NLCS Game Six: Madson gets through the first of his two innings

After Oswalt was lifted, Charlie Manuel went right to Ryan Madson for the seventh inning. He plans on keeping him in for the eighth inning as well, the first time Ryan will pitch two innings all year. He’s been on fire lately (read: this season) so now is the time to do it. The bullpen save for Chad Durbin (and Roy Oswalt?) has been cash money dollar bills ya’ll this postseason.

Madson’s night started with a strikeout of Travis Ishikawa on a fastball way outside that was gift-wrapped by umpire Tom Hallion. He went on to strike out Andres Torres, this of the swinging variety. Freddy Sanchez next — he hit a double off the end of his bat that landed just inside the foul line. Aubrey Huff was issued a free pass because of his good numbers against righties. Rookie sensation and puberty survivor Buster Posey came on and hit a shot right at Utley that he easily flipped to Rollins at second to end the threat.

22 pitches for Madson and he’s coming on for another next inning. The Giants will go with Javier Lopez for the heart of the Phillies order. I think it’s high time we hit this son of a bitch.