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NLCS Game Six: Brad Lidge gets through ninth, three outs to go

After striking out Nate Schierholtz, Brad Lidge gave up a bunt single to Andres Torres, hit third hit of the night. The bunt went right between Utley and Howard, causing in confusion and flying bodies everywhere. Because it’s the Giants, a Freddy Sanchez slow ground ball found a hole between Polanco and Rollins. First and second with one out for Aubrey Huff, Brad struck him out on a dirty slider. It should be noted that Andres Torres hurt himself sliding into first on that bunt attempt. Otherwise, he’d have stolen second, third, home and probably first again because running on Brad Lidge is the easiest thing in the world.

With Brian Wilson on deck, the Phillies brain trust decided to walk Buster Posey to load the bases and get to him. Bruce Bochy decided to keep Wilson in. Honestly (and I’m writing this as this is happening) if Brian Wilson gets a hit here, I’m spiking my computer, so this update may not get published.

After threatening to walk, Wilson actually swung the bat and chopped out to Ryan Howard. God bless.

3-2 Giants. Three outs to go in the Phillies season if somebody doesn’t make something happen.