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Greg Dobbs, Jamie Moyer, and Paul Hoover Elect Free Agency

With Greg's minor league demotion, Jamie's season- (career-?) ending injury, and Paul Hoover's AAAA-ness, it isn't much of a surprise that all three of them will be playing somewhere other than Philadelphia next season. The fifth spot in the rotation is officially up for grabs between Vance Worley and Kyle Kendrick. I think this is the offseason that Kendrick gets dealt and the 5th spot is Worley's for the taking. If there's salary to be shed (to sign a certain bearded fellow), I wouldn't mind shipping off Blanton and rushing somebody like Mike Stutes or Andrew Carpenter into the 5th spot.


For Dobbs, he's a good guy and all, but his production has been lacking the past two years and for a pinch hitter, that's common, but unacceptable. Would really be nice if Jason Donald were still here to serve as utility guy around the infield. Hoover could catch a backup spot somewhere on the cheap. Doubt it.