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Phillies Vs Red: Bronson Arroyo Calls Philly Fans "Brutal & Vicious"

Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo was asked how much of a factor the Citizens Bank Park crowd will be in this series where the Phillies have home field advantage.

“They’re aggressive and loud,” he said. “For years, Philly football fans have been among the worst in the game, as far as how brutal and vicious they are. I haven’t experienced that at Citizens Bank Park. But that was the regular season.”

Just so Bronson knows… those people at Eagles games are a lot of the same people at Phillies games. They just also bring their girlfriend along to Phillies games.

To be fair, I don’t think Arroyo meant this as an insult. This is a guy who has pitched in playoff series between the Yankees and Red Sox. He knows about atmosphere. If he’s not sure whether Citizens Bank can get as loud and rowdy as the Linc… well, maybe we should show him.