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Jay Feely Shockingly not a Baseball Expert and Orlando Cabrera is Sissypants

Here’s what Jay Feely tweeted before the game:

As good as Roy Halladay has pitched this yr for Phillies, it’s almost impossible for him to pitch as well as Cliff Lee in playoffs last yr

Roy’s response:

9 innings, 0 hits, 1 walk, 8 strikeouts.

Cliff Lee iz good, Roy Halladay iz better. Simple math. Jay can go back to appearing on awful TLC shows and spouting his outlandishly Republican opinions to people who don’t care what he thinks. K, thanks.

Orlando Cabrera, on the other hand, said things like this in a post-game interview.

He and the umpire pitched a no-hitter. He gave him every pitch. Basically, we had no chance.

Stay classy, Cincinnati. Here’s the Fangraphs strike zone, showing a few pitches out of the zone, precisely none of which were thrown by the umpire.

So Orlando Cabrera, we have this for you, courtesy of TheGoodPhight.