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Game Two Lineups: Victorino Bumps Rollins, Polanco Back

Here’s the lineups, according to Matt Gelb. I’ve also included their career numbers against Reds starter Bronson Arroyo.

1. Shane Victorino – 2-6, K

His numbers in the leadoff spot have been solid this year. An .810 OPS in half of his at-bats this season. If he’s patient today, we should be able to manufacture some runs early on.

2. Placido Polanco – 6-17, 3B, K

Hopefully he’s healthy but if Arroyo plunks him anywhere near his arm, I’m coming through my TV and getting my Kyle Farnsworth on.

3. Chase Utley – 4-9, HR

I’m expecting a big game out of Chase. Bronson just seems like a guy he’d tear up.

4. Ryan Howard – 2-6, 2 2B, 4K

Let the big dog eat.

5. Jayson Werth – N/A

Werth may have a tough time with Arroyo’s hard slider, but since he only throws it in strikeout situations, I’d expect Werth to think fastball early and drive the ball.

6. Jimmy Rollins – 4-12, 2B, HR, BB

Good numbers against Arroyo, I commend Charlie for getting frisky and moving him out of the top spot. It also adds some speed to the bottom of the order with Polanco back in the 2-hole. I’d love him to try to run with Ibanez at the plate, get a few first-to-thirds out of it.

7. Raul Ibanez – 1-3, K

If Raul keeps his head in and doesn’t pull off, he should hit a gapper or two today. I wouldn’t mind a wall-scraper, either.

8. Carlos Ruiz – 0-2

I’m pretty confident that the Reds are terrified of Carlos Ruiz. Who wouldn’t be? I love me some Chooch.

For the Reds, Laynce Nix replaces Jonny Gomes and Ryan Hanigan is in to catch for Arroyo. The Braves are the game after us and will try not to go down 0-2 to the Giants. It was very sweet watching their futility against Tim Lincecum last night. Tomahawk Slop.