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There Goes the No-Hitter, 1-0 Reds

It didn’t take long for the Reds to get their first hit of the game. Brandon Phillips took a hanging change-up from Roy Oswalt and deposited it easily in the left field seats, generating orgasmic noises from the TBS announcers. Douchebag Orlando Cabrera popped up and blamed the umpire, then Joey Votto struck out on a fastball he couldn’t catch up with and Scott Rolen popped up to Chase Utley to end the inning.

In the bottom half of the frame, Shane Victorino swung at a terrible pitch 1-0 and popped up. Bronson Arroyo induced a flare from Placido Polanco that was caught in the infield and Chase Utley flew out to deep(ish) left. We don’t want the Reds getting comfortable ahead so it’s up to Oswalt to keep this lead at one and the hitters to be patient with Arroyo’s slop.

1-0 Reds.