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Oswalt Works out of Trouble, Line Drives Don't Drop

After allowing the first two runners to reach base on singles, Roy Oswalt retired Votto, Rolen, and Nix in order, mixing pitches well. The change-up that sat Rolen down is the best pitch all night. A few clean innings from Oswalt will do well to give the Phillies the momentum.

Carlos Ruiz led off the third with a beautiful at-bat that ended in a walk. From an 8-hole hitter, walks like that are gold — Chooch is King Midas. /mythology’d. Oswalt popped up a bunt, leaving Ruiz on first. Victorino took a low inside pitch and lined it to right but Jay Bruce tracked it down. Polanco hit a bullet to left field but it was right at Laynce Nix. Good at-bats and hard-hit balls are encouraging — they’ll cash in on them soon enough.

2-0 Reds.