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Aroldis Chapman Throws Fast, Jay Bruce Needs Sunglasses

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Chase Utley took a 100 MPH fastball then a nasty 87 MPH slider for strikes before another 100+ fastball grazed his hand, the third HBP for Reds pitchers tonight. Ryan Howard then swung and missed at two fastballs before foul tipping a 101 MPH fastball into Hanigan’s glove. Power vs. Power. Advantage: Aroldis Chapman’s left arm.

With a man on first and one out, Jayson Werth chopped to Scott Rolen, who gambled and went to second to nab Utley. Hustling all the way, Chase beat the throw out, sliding into second just before Brandon Phillips caught the ball. That put two men on with one out for Jimmy Rollins. With images of Jonathan Broxton in his head, Jimmy took a fastball to right field that must’ve got lost in the lights because Jay Bruce looked completely blind out there. Bruce let the ball go by him allowing Utley to score, then a botched relay throw to Brandon Phillips gave Jayson Werth home plate and the Phillies 5-4 lead.

A clean base-hit by Raul Ibanez put Jimmy on third and drew a mound visit from Dusty Baker. The Phillies now lead 5 to 4, and I am in serious need of a new pair of underwear. Aroldis stays in.