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MLB Free Agency Rumors: "No chance. None. Zero." That Phillies Re-Sign Jayson Werth

ESPN’s Jayson Stark spoke with a Phillies source about the odds of the team re-signing free agent outfielder Jayson Werth.

Here’s one Phillies source on the odds of his team finding a way to keep Jayson Werth: “No chance. None. Zero.” In the end, it might not even be the annual dollars that will force the Phillies to move on. It’s their unwillingness to go beyond three or four years for a player who will turn 32 next May.

It’s actually somewhat refreshing that the Phillies might be getting stingy with the years on a contract, since something that has bitten them in recent seasons. See the Jamie Moyer & Raul Ibanez deals. Fingers crossed the Ryan Howard deal isn’t added to that list.

As for Werth’s possible replacement in right? Stark gets the feeling from Phillies GM Reuben Amaro that the most likely situation is a Ben Francisco and Domonic Brown platoon. However, he brings up a name we’ve already heard once this offseason that made us shudder.

the Phillies would still shop for another right-handed-hitting outfield bat. One name we’ve heard a lot: Jeff Francoeur, who has told friends he’d love to play for Charlie Manuel.

You know what? I would also love to play for Charlie Manuel and I could be an out machine as well!