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MLB Free agency: Phillies Rumored To Be Interested In Carlos Quentin

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Jason Stark is reporting that the Phillies have done "extensive groundwork on a potential deal" for White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin. He’s a right handed power hitter, which would seemingly make him a fit to replace Werth in right. He’s probably going to make around $5 million next season which would make him cheaper than Werth, but there would be a cost to get him from the White Sox. Quentin is a .251 lifetime hitter who hit 26 home runs last season. As MSNBC points out, that would make him a pricey platoon partner for Domonic Brown if that’s what the Phillies are thinking.

Stark also maintained that the Phillies still have interest in Jeff Francouer as a platoon partner for Domonic Brown. Everyone would deride the signing of Francouer, but if he was limited strictly to left handed pitching he may not be terrible. Or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself?

Stark also said that the only interest they’d have in free agent Jermaine Dye is as a spring training invitee.