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Phillies Offer Free Agent Jayson Werth Arbitration

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The Philadelphia Phillies have offered free agent OF Jayson Werth arbitration, a move which won’t have any affect on whether he stays but could net the Phillies two draft picks if he signs elsewhere. Since Werth is a type-A free agent, the Phillies will receive the highest available pick from the team who signs him (1st or 2nd round) as well a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds.

As says, there’s no downside.

It makes sense to offer Werth arbitration, because there is no downside. If Werth declines arbitration and signs elsewhere, the Phils get the picks. If Werth accepts arbitration, which is highly unlikely, the club automatically gets Werth to return next season on a one-year contract.

The Phillies will not offer arbitration to type B free agent Chad Durbin. The reliever made over $2 million last year and if he went to arbitration he could get a big raise. The story says the Phillies are interested in bringing back Durbin, but not at the price an arbitrator would likely set.