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Report: Phillies Offer Jayson Werth A Contract

Philadelphia radio station 97.5 The Fanatic has floated a think sounding report that the Phillies have made a contract offer to free agent Jayson Werth. The report says that they believe the offer is substantial enough to bring Werth back. Of course, why offer any contract at all if you didn’t believe he might accept it?

The report comes from a family friend of Amaro, who claims to have been told directly about the offer. In other words, it’s probably the least corroboration possible for anyone to even run the story… That said, it’s all we’ve got right now so we’re going to put it out there and see what happens. No doubt the beat writers are on alert so if an offer was truly made we’ll likely hear more about it in the coming days.

The question this begs is, if Amaro made an offer where he caved on some of the money and extra years… would we even want Werth to sign it? In 3 or 4 years we could have a roster full of old and very expensive players.