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MLB Free Agency Rumors: Boston Red Sox Meeting With Carl Crawford

Yahoo! Sports baseball writer Tim Brown is reporting that the Boston Red Sox are meeting with free agent OF Carl Crawford and are “serious” about signing the All-Star.

Should the Red Sox pull the trigger on a deal for a Crawford, that would likely pull them out of the Jayson Werth sweepstakes. At least according to reports, Boston has been the most likely destination for Werth other than Philadelphia and of the teams with reported interest, they clearly the team able to put the biggest offer on the table.

If Crawford, who many sees as the best non-pitcher on the market, signed Boston it could be seen as a positive sign for the chances of Jayson Werth returning to Philadelphia. Of course, it could have the opposite effect as well. If Crawford comes off the market, Werth becomes the best offensive player on the market and will be the rest of baseball’s only chance to add a big piece without having to give anything up in trade.